Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iQunix 12.04 video review

This is a small video review of iQunix, an operating system optimized for experienced Ubuntu/Debian users and professionals who prefer to decide what software should their system have pre installed.

Recently released, iQunix 12.04 is available for download. If you want to know what has changed since the last release (11.04) please read the release notes here

For fullscreen please click the apropreate (lower-right corner) button and choose your desired video quality.

Music: Zero-project - 02 - Touch of serenity (on Jamendo)


  1. Yes -This is great - the right idea - However not being a Unity fan - the first thing I did once installed was to install gnome3 shell. Excellent gnome3 without all the software no one needs.
    I like the idea and thinking behind this distro - except the Unity bit - I only wish I had the skill to bring out an equivalent gnome3 distro.....perhaps ????